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Lessons in the Light

Learning in the Light

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Jessalyn Hutto

So I'm going to be completely honest.

I'm not sure that I want to start blogging about my homeschooling journey. For one, I don't want people to come here and get the impression that I feel as though the educational choices we've made for our children are superior to the ones they've made for their children.

Because I don't.

The choice to educate our children in (and around) our home, is simply our choice - one that we have a variety of reasons for making. It is not necessarily the right choice for other parents and their children.

Each family is unique, as are the specific needs and desires of each individual family.

Therefore, I do not believe that every Christian family is called to homeschool, and I really do not want for the readers of my blog to get that impression

The second reason I'm intimidated by the idea of  blogging about our homeschooling journey is that it may create a false perception of my personal homeschooling know-how.

The minute you start posting pictures of your kids doing a math lesson at the kitchen table or sharing your curriculum choices, it's hard to avoid a "I-know-what-I'm-talking-about" kind of aura.

But seriously, I'm at the very beginning of this journey, and in no way - absolutely NO way - an expert. Three years does not an expert make.

On the contrary these past three years have been a blaring reminder of my own naivety and overconfidence when it comes to all that's involved in homeschooling our children while at the same time caring for the littler ones, tending to the work of homemaking, finding small (seemingly nonexistent) moments to write, and helping my husband in the ministry of church planting. 

I am learning. Constantly learning. Which, I suppose, is a good place to be.

In fact, I think it might be the only healthy place to be as a home educating parent: in a humiliating posture of dependency upon the Lord, spurred on by a genuine, insatiable hunger for his wisdom.

What Have I To Share?

But rather than cripple me with fear, this particular realization has created a fire within me for homeschooling and given me a desire to share our journey with anyone who is interested. 

Homeschooling - or home educating as I prefer to label it - has become so much more to me than an alternative to traditional public schooling. I have come to see it as the quest for developing a genuine hunger and thirst for righteousness in my children, as the task of filling their minds and souls with all that is true, good, and beautiful, and as the extreme privilege of being a fellow learner alongside them.

Above all, I've come to see that my role as a home educator is to lead my children to Christ in all his majesty. Every cell we view under the microscope, every story of heroism we read, every master's brush stroke we imitate is a dazzling ray of his perfect light meant to pierce our hearts and draw us nearer to him as we travel through this dark world.

His grace and beauty flow through his creation. Therefore, it is only in knowing him that we can fully appreciate and understand the works of his hands.

Education is above all seeking Christ and his kingdom. 

But I would be foolish to think that this is only true of the home educating parent. These callings are universal for all Christian parents.

And so, I wonder if I could create a space here that will appeal to all parents who wish to feed their children with a rich, inspiring, and Christ-exalting educational feast - whether it be as a home educator (like myself) or as a parent who is partnering with a traditional school to accomplish this task.


This is my official announcement.

I am going to begin writing about education in this little corner of my website. And while many posts will be specific to home educating, I hope that all parents will be helped and encouraged by this body of work. May it be a source of inspiration as you see this imperfect mother take on the intimidating task of providing an educational feast for her children.

Welcome to Lessons in the Light, where education is illuminated by the light of the gospel.

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