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The Lord Who Provides

Jessalyn Hutto

Just a few days ago I wrote, "I cannot allow myself to create imaginary hurdles before those who are lost when God has created a simple and easy means of salvation." 

The words still echo in my mind.

I wonder in the depths of my soul: is it really so easy to be saved? is it really so simple?

For our means of salvation was not in the least bit easy or simple for Jesus.

It was not with a word or with a look that Jesus accomplished the salvation of man. It was with pain, humiliation, and death.

Indeed, as our holy God voluntarily stretched out his arms and feet to be nailed to beams of wood, and as he hung there, voluntarily suffocating in his own lung fluid, I'm certain it never once felt easy or simple to him.

And as the eternal Son of God experienced his Father's complete withdrawal of affections and in their place appeared the full, horrifying wrath of the Holy One against sin, our spotless lamb accomplished the most complex and difficult thing imaginable: the work of atoning for his people's sins and bridging a chasm of infinite width between God and man.

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