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He is Not Just God

Jessalyn Hutto

It is always startling when one of my children calls me by my first name. The sound of their tiny voices, saying the word "Jessalyn" or the more familiar "Jess" catches me off guard. They've only recently begun to experiment with names in this way as they've only recently begun to understand that their mommy and daddy have proper names just like they do.

Of course, as they've dipped their toes into the exciting waters of proper name usage, we've had to remind them that they are not to call us by our first names, they are to continue calling us Mommy and Daddy. "But everyone else gets to call you Jess!" my middle son pleads.

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The ESV Women's Devotional Bible

Jessalyn Hutto

Devotional books are a popular resource among women who desire to draw nearer to the Lord on a daily basis, but often these books are lacking in theological content, focusing more on the emotional aspects of women's faith. What can result is a daily reading that leaves you feeling really good about life, but has ultimately done little to enlarge your view of God, his redemptive plan for humanity, and where you fit into that plan.

But what if you could combine the emotional and helpful resource of a devotional with the very Word of God? And what if you could focus the devotional content on theologically rich topics that gave you a greater vision for God's glorious gospel as it has been revealed throughout scripture? And what if this resource pulled on some of the most respected and faithful authors available to make it all possible? Well then, you would have the new ESV Women's Devotional Bible...

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Free Grace and Dying Love by Susannah Spurgeon

Jessalyn Hutto

C.H. Spurgeon is known by many as the Prince of Preachers. Though his ministry ended over a century ago, his powerful, gospel-centered sermons continue to draw readers closer to our Savior. Indeed, I have found it impossible to read a single sermon by this incredible servant of God without having my affections for Christ deepened and enlivened.

I have always wondered, however, who his wife was. Who was the woman behind the man whose sermons took England by storm and whose fame eclipsed all of his contemporaries? Was she a positive force behind his ministry? Was she as passionate about Jesus as he was? What was her spiritual life like?...

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