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Let the Children Come! -Credo Magazine's Latest Issue




Let the Children Come! -Credo Magazine's Latest Issue

Jessalyn Hutto

The latest issue of Credo Magazine is all about sharing the Word of God with our Children. It is packed full of helpful articles covering subjects like: the importance of teaching children church history, what family worship looks like in the home, and teaching children important doctrinal truths. It also includes two great interviews that I know you will enjoy: the first is with Nancy Guthrie and the second is with Sally Michael (the co-founder and publishing consultant of Children Desiring God).

In this issue, I had the privilege of writing an article which gives an overview of the four most popular and helpful children's Bibles on the market. I look at their benefits as well as the best times to use them in a child's life. I hope that you will find it helpful.

From my article:

"Children are naturally captivated by stories. Their budding imaginations crave tales of thrilling adventure, brave heroes, and sacrificial love as ferocious as their stomachs crave food. Never as a parent had to bribe his or her child into curling up on the couch together  to enjoy a good story. Happily, this makes the monumental responsibility of sharing the world-altering, soul-saving gospel with our little ones a joyous and altogether natural task, because the gospel is unmistakably the greatest story ever told.

Therefore, reading the Bible with our children can be a delight, an adventure, even a thrill! Within the covers of our Bibles, God's story of love toward humanity has been penned for our families to relish over and over again. And yet, diving into the 66 books of the Bible is often an intimidating task for parents--especially if they are just becoming literate in its various genres, themes, and storylines themselves. It can be hard to know where to start, and even harder at times to know how to explain the trickier parts of the Bible to little ears.

This is where I wholeheartedly believe that children's storybook Bibles can be an asset to parents. While these books should never be used as a substitute for the actual God-breathed Scriptures, they can be used as a helpful supplement in a child's regular intake of the gospel story. These books can help in two ways: First, they give children a broad understanding of the Scriptures. Because these Bibles typically pick out the most important moments in salvation history, children can quickly develop a firm mastery of the overarching biblical narrative from its beginning to its end..."

To read more from my article about children's storybook Bibles and which ones I recommend, click here.