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The Gift We Can't Wait to Receive

Living in the Light



The Gift We Can't Wait to Receive

Jessalyn Hutto

Today we are thrilled to reveal the name of our third son, Owen Kristopher Hutto who is due on December 25th. This baby boy (kicking, rolling, and dancing within me) is a marvelous gift from the Lord and we cannot wait to welcome him into our family this Christmas season! So far the names of our boys have followed a pattern: the first name has been a figure from church history and the middle name has been a family name. Elliot and Hudson were both named after incredible missionary figures Jim Elliot and Hudson Taylor. Elliot was given the middle name Richard (my husband and his father’s first name) and Hudson was given the middle name William (my father and grandfather’s first name).

When we were given the wonderful news that I was carrying a third son, we were once again on the hunt for the perfect name. There are so many incredible men of the faith who we would love for our son to be able to look up to and model himself after, that it can be hard to choose. We are delighted, however, to have settled on the 17th century puritan theologian John Owen.

Owen has been called “the greatest theologian to have ever written in the English language” by Roger Nicole and Jonathan Edwards himself said that his writings were to be valued “above all human writings for a true view of the mystery of the gospel.” Though his works can be daunting and difficult for the modern reader to undertake, the rewards of carefully studying and meditating on them are incredible. My first interaction with Owen’s writings was in college when, seeking to better understand the doctrine of particular redemption, I was encouraged to read The Death of Death in the Death of Christ. Needless to say, his explanation of Christ’s purposeful and planned redemption of his bride, the church, was a great encouragement to my faith and a helpful influence on my personal doctrinal formation.

Most recently I have been reading his work The Glory of Christ which I would highly recommend to anyone desiring to meditate deeply on the beauty of our Savior. Here is his own explanation for this particular work:

I now design to demonstrate that the beholding of the glory of Christ is one of the greatest privileges and advancements that believers are capable of in this world, or in that which is to come. By this they are first gradually conformed to it and then fixed in the eternal enjoyment of it. For here in this life, beholding His glory, they are changed or transformed into the likeness of it (II Cor. 3:18); and hereafter they shall be “forever like unto him” because they “shall see him as he is” (I John 3:1,2). On this our present comforts and future blessedness depend. This is the life and reward of our souls.

And I have already shared this quote with you, but can’t help but sharing it again:

Our present edification is principally concerned in this beholding of the glory of Christ now, for in it the life and power of faith are most eminently acted.And from this exercise of faith, does love unto Christ principally, if not solely, arise. If, therefore, we desire to have faith in its vigor or love in its power, giving rest, complacency, and satisfaction to our own souls, we are to seek for them in the diligent discharge of this duty; they will not be found anywhere else. Here would I live; here would I die; here would I dwell in my thoughts and affections, to the withering and consumption of all the painted beauties of this world, to the crucifying all things here below until they become to me a dead and deformed thing, in no way meet for affectionate embraces.

How my heart yearns to understand and practice this type of beholding of Christ’s glory, so as to be so completely consumed by his character and being, that my own life is swept up into it! Lord willing, our own little Owen will one day have this same desire and be able to look to his namesake for encouragement and direction.

Perhaps even more meaningful to me is our third son’s middle name which will indeed be a family name, though not of blood relation. Outside of my own incredible family, there are two people who have profoundly influenced my life above all others and they are Chelle and Kris (Kristopher) Stire. They mentored me as young Christian and were used in profound ways by the Lord to shape my theological understanding as well as gave me a burning passion to serve the Lord. Though they have since moved overseas to serve the Lord on the mission field, their testimony and guidance continues to strengthen my soul to this day. By giving our Owen Kris’ name, I look forward to being able to share with our children how the Lord so lovingly provided for their mother when she was a new believer by bringing this incredible couple into her life. I am filled with joy at the thought of our families being tied together in this way!

And so, while many will be counting down the days ’till Christmas, our little family will be counting down the days until our precious Owen Kristopher arrives and we are blessed once again to welcome another child into our home and hearts. Thank you to all who have been praying for this pregnancy. Please continue to do so as the time draws near to meet little Owen.