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Living in the Light



Nothing Will Sanctify You Like...

Jessalyn Hutto

Today I have the privilege of guest posting over at Karis (the women’s channel for The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhoodon the topic of sanctification.

This post will resonate with single ladies and married women who do not yet have children and are often told that “nothing will sanctify you like marriage will” or “like children will.”

Is God really limited in the way he can produce holiness in your life by the presence of a husband or a colicky baby? Today, I want to encourage those who may be tempted to feel as though they are missing out on some higher plane of spirituality:

“Every act of God’s providence is meant to refine his children. Certainly married women are continually being sanctified by their relationships with their husbands. Of course mothers have to rely heavily, every day on their Savior in order to care for the little ones he has entrusted to them. These are real and powerful tools in our heavenly Father’s hands as he seeks to conform women to the image of Christ, but they are not his only tools. He uses all things.” (Read the full article “Sanctification is for Single People, Too” by clicking here.)

I would love to hear your thoughts on this article. Are you single or without children? Do you struggle with these types of thoughts when you are around married ladies and/or mothers? How can these women help you to see the Lord’s unique purposes and activity in your life. And for us ladies who are married and/or have children, are we conscious of our sisters’ needs for encouragement to seek the Lord and his goodness now in their particular season of life? How can we better serve them in this area? Share your thoughts in the comments of this post!