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Don't Assume the Lions will Spare You

Living in the Light



Don't Assume the Lions will Spare You

Jessalyn Hutto

Many of us live under the false notion that we don’t truly need Jesus every day of our lives. Sure, we may not say it out loud or even dare to think it, but our daily lives profess it–our preoccupation with self and the world prove it.

Yes, we love our God and are so thankful for the salvation he has provided for us, but when it comes right down to it, we think very little of him in our daily duties and decisions. We go about our lives as though we’re strong enough to overcome sin and do good in our own strength, or worse yet, we give up the fight completely, content to live our earthly lives in a state little better than an unbeliever.


Do we think that because we are women we do not need to study the Word of God for ourselves–as if the spirituality of our husbands will simply trickle down onto us?

Do we think that because we are not in ministry, it isn’t necessary to fall to our knees in prayer each morning asking the Lord to guide our footsteps?

Do we think that because we are not yet mothers or because our children have left the nest that we somehow have less of a need to throw ourselves upon the love and mercy of God in each passing moment?

Do we think that we are not “super-spiritual” like others and therefore excused from the daily disciplines of the Christian life–disciplines that would ultimately lead us to look more like the “super-spiritual” people we’ve placed on the pedestals of our minds?

Do we not recognize our desperate need? 

Do we think that we are somehow less needy of the fellowship of our triune God than the spiritual giants that have gone before us?

Or is it simply that we don’t believe such fellowship truly matters in the long run–that perhaps the enemy will overlook our souls and let us be?

Oh how we forget that the enemy prowls about like a roaring lion, looking for  someone to devour. And like the the beasts in the Roman arenas long ago, he does not differentiate between man and woman, young and old, married and single, apostle and new convert. He’s ravenous for blood and will take whatever he can get. We–like those brave martyrs of the past–have only one hope when faced with the attacks of the enemy: to cling to our Savior.

When we deny our daily need for Jesus, we deny the war that rages between those he has purchased out of slavery and their old master. We forget that, though the war has been won by our mighty King, there are countless battles that must still be waged before we enter into the glory set before us. Our enemy will not put down his weapons until the day when he is cast into the lake of fire, and so, we must be ever vigilant to take up our swords and armor: preparing for each new engagement.

If we could only see these spiritual realities as God can, how much more would we desire his presence, his wisdom, and his grace? If we could truly comprehend how desperate we are–how unable we are to succeed in our own flesh and might–wouldn’t we find ourselves coming to our Lord for the nourishment we need to survive?

God, make us women who earnestly seek you.

Prepare us for each new battle against the enemy who seeks only to ravage and destroy.

And more than anything else, make us aware of the Lion of Judah who goes before us, whose power and majesty makes the enemy scurry away in fear like a helpless mouse.