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Confessions of a Boy Crazy Girl by Paula Hendricks




Confessions of a Boy Crazy Girl by Paula Hendricks

Jessalyn Hutto

“For the first time, I understood that Jesus didn’t die to forgive me of my sin but leave me in it. He died to forgive and to free me from the power of sin. Suddenly I realized I didn’t have to be jealous of that pretty girl. I didn’t have to covet every guy I saw. I didn’t have to hate that guy for for not liking me. I wasn’t powerless anymore…”  -Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl

“Boy-crazy” is a term I would readily apply to my high school and (ashamedly) college age self. Like many girls, my thoughts, emotions, and plans were all too often tied up in my latest crush and the dreamy, detailed future I had imaged for us. As a new believer in high school, the idols of romance and sexual attraction were constantly bidding for my worship. Without the helpful advice and guidance I received from my parents and church mentors, I would have fallen prey to their empty promises far more often than I did–and with greater consequences. It was simply by the grace of God that I didn’t fall victim to my own foolishness.

Author Paula Hendricks shares a similar history and has written a book to encourage young women who find themselves falling prey to their lust for boys. In Confessions of a Boy-Crazy GirlPaula takes her readers on a journey through her past, sharing actual journal entrees from her “crazed” days, anecdotal stories of her boy obsession, and scriptural counsel for young women struggling with the same emotions.

Paula’s writing style is straight forward, fun, and engaging. Reading her book, leaves you with the keen impression that she’d be the perfect friend to stay up late watching chick flicks and eating ice cream straight out of the bucket with. More importantly, however, reading her book will wisely encourage young women to put their hope for freedom from their “neediness” in the only One who can truly free them–Jesus Christ. This isn’t a “How to Guard Your Heart from the Opposite Sex” book. It is a book about idols, slavery to sin, and the joyous freedom found in our Savior. It’s for this reason that I’m so excited to recommend Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl! I know that young women will both enjoy Paula’s book as well as be encouraged to direct their gaze at our idol-smashing God.