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Inheritance of Tears

The book I wish I’d had as I walked through the pain of our miscarriages
— Courtney Reissig

Over the years, I've had the joy of sharing my painful experiences of miscarriage with the readers of my blog. In each of these posts it has been my desire to be real and open about the terrible sorrow that issues from the death of an unborn child, while at the same time seeking to point devastated and bewildered mothers to the hope that is available to them in the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2015, I was privileged to have my feeble words published in a short, sensitive, and biblically-rooted resource for women who have suffered miscarriage and for those who desire to minister to them. 

If you have experienced a miscarriage and are wondering what the Bible has to say about your loss, I pray that you will find help and encouragement within this book's pages. I wrote this book for you, dear sister. May it lead you to our great and loving Savior who desires to minister to you in your darkest of days.

-Your Sister in the Faith, Jessalyn Hutto

From the Publisher:

When a woman becomes pregnant, miscarriage is usually the furthest thing from her mind. Her time is spent dreaming of the day she will finally cradle her newborn baby in her arms. Such was the case for Jessalyn Hutto when she became pregnant with her first baby. But as is all too common in our post-fall world, the precious life she carried came to an abrupt end before those dreams ever became a reality.

Death had visited her womb and the horrors of miscarriage had become a part of her life’s story.

Ultimately, she would lose two precious children in the womb, one at 6 weeks gestation and another at 15 weeks. Through these painful losses, a whole new world of suffering opened up to her. It seemed as though no matter where she looked there were women quietly mourning the loss of their unborn children. What she had once assumed to be a rare occurrence was now revealed to be an extremely common experience among women. Yet, this particular type of loss is one that has been grossly overlooked by the church.

Jessalyn found that as couples seek to navigate the unique difficulties inherent in losing a child, they are often left with little biblical counsel to draw upon. More often than not, well-meaning friends and family seek to alleviate their sorrow by offering encouragement in the form of empty platitudes and Christian clichés. But what these couples truly need is the hope of the gospel. This is what led Jessalyn Hutto to write Inheritance of Tears.

In this short book, Hutto seeks to deal honestly and sensitively with the issue of miscarriage and reveal how it relates to the Word of God. She does so by answering questions like:

  • Why do babies have to die in the womb?

  • Do miscarriages take God by surprise?

  • Does God care about your pain?

  • How can any good come from something so terrible?

  • How can I find joy in the midst of such intense sorrow?

By providing a biblical context for miscarriage, she beckons mourning mothers and fathers to walk triumphantly through the valley of the shadow of death by fixing their eyes upon their loving Savior, who will one day do away with death and sorrow forever.

Short, sensitive, and theologically robust, Inheritance of Tears is a book that every pastor and church member can confidently share with those who are called to walk through the painful trial of miscarriage, and in reading the book themselves, they will gain greater insight into how to effectively minister to these parents in their time of need.


“We wish there had been good Christian books on miscarriage available when we faced that terrible trial. This book is written out of deep suffering, but with an even deeper sense of hope. This book can help you think and pray if you have faced miscarriage, and it can help you understand how to minister to someone who has.” 

          —Russell and Maria Moore

“This book is equally important for those who have suffered miscarriage and those who have not. Rarely is the topic of miscarriage addressed with such candor and depth. Deeply personal and brave, Inheritance of Tears unveils a picture of miscarriage drawn from first-hand experience and attentive consideration of Scripture. Jessalyn invites us to ask the hard questions, to enter into the suffering of our sisters, to remember the goodness of God even in the midst of unspeakable loss. May her words minister to many.” 

          —Jen Wilkin, author, Women of the Word (Crossway)

"Comforting, biblical, helpful—Inheritance of Tears brings to life the difficulty of miscarriage and the love of our Savior. Jessalyn knows the sufferings of miscarriage and provides a needed word for anyone who has experienced this great loss. A great resource for the church."

          –Trillia Newbell, author, Fear and Faith (2015) and United (2014). 

“Jessalyn Hutto invites you to experience God’s goodness in the midst of your suffering. Having walked through the sorrow of miscarriage, my heart resonates with Jessalyn’s bittersweet journey. Jessalyn doesn’t back away from the tough questions that loss brings, but offers biblical counsel for the hurting as one who understands their pain. Inheritance of Tears: Trusting the Lord of Life When Death Visits the Womb is a personal word of truth and comfort that I highly recommend.” 

          —Kimberly Wagner, author, Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior (Moody)

“Miscarriage? Don’t talk about it. Sadly, this is the approach many churches take. As a result, the woman in the pew suffers unbearable pain and grieves all alone. Change must happen, and Inheritance of Tears is the place to start. Speaking from firsthand experience, Jessalyn Hutto compassionately wipes the tears from the desolate woman’s eyes so that she can see the insurmountable love and unbreakable sovereignty of her Savior, Jesus Christ.” 

          —Matthew Barrett, Executive Editor, Credo Magazine; Assistant Prof. of Christian Studies, California Baptist U.

“This is a needed resource for those struggling to know God in the midst of their suffering. Without a solid theological framework, God’s role in our suffering is hard to navigate. Jessalyn gives the needed resources to know in truth the God of All Comfort, for only from that foundation can we receive his deep rest in the midst of pain.” 

          —Wendy Alsup, author, Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives

“The pain of miscarriages is grievous and profound. Jessalyn Hutto helps us think about this matter personally, sharing her own anguish and pain. At the same time, she guides us theologically, so that we see God’s wisdom, God’s purpose, and God’s love in the midst of our suffering. I gladly recommend this work to others.” 

          —Tom Schreiner, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“If you are suffering, I’m so glad you are holding this book. You won’t find soggy counsel, glib advice, or verses ripped out of context to make the author’s point. Jessalyn writes with warmth, conviction, and clarity, helping us stare down suffering by directing our gaze to the Lord of glory. I think you, and thousands of other women, will be helped by this wonderful book.” 

          —JA Medders, author; Gospel Formed: Living a Grace-Addicted, Truth-Filled, Jesus-Exalting Life (Kregel)